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SIZE: 13.5cm *12.5cm *19cm (INCLUDE BATTERY) Instructions for use: 1. Open the door: enter the password 4 0 Love fingerprint key blue light is on, when �Please verify the fingerprint�, press the love fingerprint key with your finger to automatically open the door. (If there is music, press the # key, you can only press the password if there is no music) 2: The new ATM password is changed: (required) After opening the door, press and hold the * key until the green light flashes, and then enter the new 4 digit password (must require 4 digits), then press the # key to confirm and save. Your new password change was successful! 3. The new ATM has forgotten the password: long press the # key for about 3 seconds, the green light in the lower right corner lights up, and the factory password can be restored: 0000 4. New ATM switch between Chinese and English: press �#� and �*� keys at the same time to switch. 5. The new ATM plays music: press the "#" key to switch to the music space, 0-9 keys total 10 music, you can enjoy it at will. 6. New ATM banknote detection function: press and hold the "*" key for 3 seconds, the blue light in the lower right corner will turn on the banknote detection function.


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