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1. New generation; Light and fast charging with long usage


2. Rechargeable lithium battery with 2 hours charging time


3. Wireless blue ray Nano spray gun is equipped with a high pressure water pump. The water sprayed out from the high-tech copper nozzle under room temperature will be in Nano mist.


4. One-key intelligent control L/H second gear can be adjustable. The middle button is the power button, press switch


5. All the ingredients of the disinfectant or alcohol will be maintained under room-temperature spraying without being evaporated by the high temperature.


6. It will be a perfect safe and efficient disinfection tool for you and your families. The spray atomization ability is better, more economical disinfection liquid consumables.

Mini Portable Wireless Disinfection Sterilizer Blue Light Nano Spray Gun

$89.90 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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